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DAPR (pronounced as Dapper) is a joint effort by alumni of the top educational institutions in the country established with the aim of helping each student achieve his/her maximum potential by giving their careers a boost at the very beginning – the most crucial time in your entire career.

All mentors at DAPR are IIT/IIM alumni with successful careers across multiple industries and a passion for mentorship. Mentorship is close to our hearts and we feed off the energy and enthusiasm of the youth of the nation and find tremendous joy in the success of our students.

Chief Mentors

“The country will achieve its full potential only when every student in the country gets the opportunity to achieve their maximum potential.”


Deekshant is a B.Tech. from IIT Delhi and a Post Graduate in Management from IIM Calcutta. Owing to his love for mentoring students, Deekshant was among the earliest IIM graduates to opt out of the lucrative placement race. He went on to establish Roots Education and has mentored thousands of students in the last decade in both aptitude and personality development. A state-level cricketer and a professional song-writer, Deekshant is also the lyricist for Euphoria – India’s top hindi-rock band.


Mohit is a B.Tech. from IIT Delhi. Prior to founding MBAGuru, Mohit worked with Infosys Technologies on various domestic and international projects for some of the world’s most prestigious companies. Mentorship is close to Mohit’s heart and he has personally trained thousands of students across multiple domains in Education space. Currently Mohit is combining his two loves – mentorship and technology – in an attempt to reach out and deliver quality mentorship to students all over the country.


Rishabh completed his Engineering from NSIT, Delhi and MBA from IIM Calcutta. He possesses a diverse work experience of over 7 years with some of the biggest corporations across research, banking, consulting as well as the development sector. As a Founding Member of Citizens for Accountable Governance, India’s first PAC, Rishabh played a key role in Narendra Modi’s campaign for General Elections 2014. His current focus is on education and helping out students find the best career path for themselves.

We are sure at some point of time you would have heard about a candidate getting a job much beyond what they deserved. Or about someone who is a very bright student but the job offered was not according to potential.
What are the recruiters looking for?
  • Apart from technical and subject Knowledge – the only skill developed by most institutions through traditional teaching, recruiters place a lot of emphasis on communication skills (of all three kind), attitude and confidence, leadership and team skills, analytical/problem solving skills, general awareness and many more.
  • Most recruiters believe that subject knowledge forms less than half of a candidate’s score during recruitment while the soft skills play a dominant role in final selection.
  • It is because some people inherently possess good/bad soft skills and seem to overachieve/underachieve as compared to their potential because of these skills.
  • Even if a student already possesses all of these skills, it is possible that he/she doesn’t even get an opportunity to display them. On an average, recruiters tend to select only 1 out of 5 CVs that come in front of them. How do you ensure that it is your CV that gets shortlisted when you are in competition with students of your own college and hence similar profiles?
“A smart man learns from his mistakes. A wise one learns from the mistakes of others”
How does DAPR help?

We all make mistakes, learn from them and gradually pick up these skills as we go through life and career. However, the beginning of your career is the most crucial time and it has a major impact on the rest of your life. Don’t make these mistakes yourself; learn from the experience of our esteemed mentors.

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Even though each firm designs its own process, most recruitment processes typically involve shortlisting based on the CV, written tests, group discussions, and personal interviews. No matter the process involved, they are always aimed at evaluating a candidate on a fixed set of parametersDAPR has designed customizable modules specifically aimed at ensuring that each student faces the recruitment process with confidence and is able to highlight his/her best qualities.

The one-stop solution to everything needed to ace the interview process. Includes multiple personal interviews, group discussions, CV improvement, sessions on MS-Office skills, communication skills, general awareness & industry-specific knowledge, and aptitude tests. Successful candidates will also be awarded ‘Dapper’ certificates.

Introductory course to all aspects tested by recruiters. Students will be provided with classroom sessions, personalized CV improvement, practice interview, group discussions to enhance their soft skills and knowledge. Ideal guidance for the self-driven students.

A comprehensive question bank will be made available to students to practice the kind of questions asked by recruiters. Includes various tests (aptitude as well as subject-wise) for ideal preparation.

Can we help?
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You can get personalized CV improvement/demo classroom sessions/limited period access to the Question Bank as part of the Trial.